Trust your Sixth Flavor

The Caseirinho is, since its foundation in 1993, a brand distinct from others in the food industry, dedicated to excellence in all phases of preparation and preservation of their pre-frozen products.

The whole process starts a careful selection of ingredients of the highest quality and freshness. These ingredients are then prepared according to traditional recipes of each plate, so as to enhance the natural flavor of the food and so caseirinho appreciable flavor.

Once cooked, the products are packaged and preserved by freezing extreme without the use of dyes or chemicals conservation, thus preserving the properties of each food.

With HACCP certified and properly implemented by regulators, the Caseirinho offers quick and easy ways to prepare their meals, while helping to maintain a healthy and delicious.

Awaken your senses with its sixth flavor.


It's easy.
It's fast.
It's another taste.

Since its inception, the Caseirinho aims differentiator bring you the original taste of food products through pre-prepared and easy to make.

With Caseirinho, a dinner for friends or the whole family is no longer a time consuming and laborious. With Caseirinho, a pre-cooked meal is no longer unsavory nor a disappointment.

With Caseirinho, everything has another taste.

  • Quality

    The best quality is a quality not need to be legitimized to be recognized. This is the kind of qualities that we cherish and with which we always try to provide. It's your choice which demonstrates the quality of Caseirinho.

  • Good taste

    Because it is possible to reconcile the taste of frozen foods products. Why can the taste of frozen foods overcome the not frozen. Because anything is possible when ingenuity and passion in what you do.

    And when it does with gusto, always knows best.

    Good taste
  • Confidence

    Hygiene and food safety are priorities for us permanent legal requirements that transcend sector. Your satisfaction is our daily responsibility and what moves our dedication. To that end, can say "Caseirinho is, is confidence."